Business Law

Starting a new business goes beyond downloading forms and filing them with the state. You also need to choose the right corporate form and protect your interests from liability. Once you start your business, you must take steps to assure a meaningful and profitable venture.

Business Law

Lemons & Hallbauer, LLC offers business law services that form companies and protect their interests. We not only understand the entity forms that may work best for your idea but also advocate for you when developments threaten your profitability. That is why we are with you during all the following:


When you have a business idea, see us at the beginning. We can evaluate your plans and see if a LLC, partnership or other corporate form works best for you. This is important when it comes to protecting your personal assets from liability, so resist treating this as simply a task of filing a few forms.


Unfortunately, it is often not a matter of “if” a customer or client will owe you a past-due balance but “when.” There are laws concerning collection of monies and they are especially strict if you serve consumers rather than other businesses. We can help you secure your past-due balances within the confines of the law.


You may face a lawsuit or need to file one to protect your interests. During these stressful times, you need an attorney who is responsive, accessible, and knowledgeable about your business. Even if we were not the firm that helped you form your business, we make the effort to learn about it so you can enjoy effective legal counsel through lawsuits.

Lemons & Hallbauer, LLC is your full-service business law firm located in in Richardson, Texas and serving the Dallas area. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.